The Pigzbe app is built with state of the art technology. We use software encryption to keep your personal information safe and the Pigzbe app has been independently tested to ensure it is as secure as possible. 

Security is your responsibility too. The Wollo in your wallet is listed on the blockchain. The only way you will lose it is if you lose your 12 word recovery phrase. Remember to keep your 12 word recovery phrase key safe. 

The Pigbze app is also protected with a passcode or touch id / face id if your device supports it. Never disclose your password (don't write it down or let anyone else see what you're typing in when you log on). And always log off fully when you've finished your transactions.

For your protection there is also a timeout on the app, in the event you leave it open, you will be logged off after 5 minutes of inactivity.

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