Once you have created a goal, your child can start working towards this.

Your child will be notified when they login to the child's app that a new goal has been created for them.

As your child completes tasks, receives pocket money and gifts they will be able to put money towards the achievement of their goal.

The goals area

To do this they simply click on the treasure chest in the goals area beneath the money tree. Note, the treasure chest will only appear if a goal has actually been created by a parent. 

The name of the goal and the amount that is needed to achieve it will be shown and a child can then put money towards the achievement of this goal by hitting "put money in" and entering an amount.

The progress bar shows how a child is doing against the value of the goal.

The balance of a goal

When a child puts money towards the achievement of a goal, the money is moved from the money tree to the goal and the amount is deducted from the balance shown in the money tree.  This outgoing is represented by a yellow leaf on the money tree.

It is possible to see the balance held against a goal by selecting the treasure chest, which shows the balance stored in the goal in Wollo at the top of the screen. Clicking on this will show the value in your child's local currency.

You can send money back from a goal to the money tree at any time.

Completing a goal

Once your child has achieved their goal, the treasure chest will show it has been completed.

Your child can then send the goal balance directly to their parent, so they can spend it in the real world, or they can put the money back into their money tree.

Once this the goal balance has been moved a new goal can be created.

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