Within the parents app, select the child for whom you wish to create a goal.

On the child's home screen scroll down the to the goals section and hit the "Add a new goal" button.

Then follow the steps:

  • Give the goal a name or description your child will understand
  • Set a value for the goal in Wollo and your local currency – using the slider the maximum you can set is 10,000 Wollo. If you wish to create a goal for more than this click on the number and enter the amount directly.
  • Submit this to finishing setting up the goal 

It is currently only possible to create one goal at a time. User testing with kids showed us that it was better for a child to have one goal that they could focus on and see through to completion, which we believe is important in developing responsible saving habits.

You can edit a goal at anytime if you want to change what it is for or to adjust its value.

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