The Pigzbe money tree is a visual record of your child's earnings and achievements. The more pocket money their receive and household chores they complete the greener (and richer) their money tree becomes.

Kids can explore their world by flying the Pigzbe character up and down their money tree or by simply touching the screen.

The money tree is made up of:


Each week, your child's money tree grows taller and a new canopy level is created, based on the real-world date. 

As kids climb to the top of the tree they pass by previous weeks, much like an adult might review a bank statement, but much more fun.


Each time a child completes a chore or task, receives pocket money or a one-off gift, a cloud appears above their money tree.  Kids then get to claim their reward by "raining" a cloud which nourishes and grows their money tree.

There’s a distinctive cloud for each action.


As kids claim their rewards by “raining” clouds, their money tree will grow. Each reward claimed when a cloud is “rained’ will create a new leaf on the tree. 

Leaves are relative to the size of the reward to reflect that some tasks, gifts or pocket money maybe larger in value.

There are two types of leaf. 

  • Green leaves represent your child’s earnings. 
  • And orange leaves represent outgoings – for example money sent back to a parent or set aside against a savings goal.

Your child can click on each leaf to see what it was for and how much the reward was.

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