There are two main ways your child can spend their Wollo.

1/ Exchange Wollo for your local currency, and then spend it.

Once they have finished playing and learning, your child can send their Wollo back to you from within the children's app.

If you are in the U.K. you can then exchange your Wollo for GBP from within the Pigzbe app and send it directly to your bank account if you have connected it.

Outside of the U.K. you’ll need to head over to one of our exchange partners – Wirex, Bitfinex, Liquid, StellarX and the Stellar Decentralized Exchange – where you can setup a Wollo wallet and then send your Wollo from the Pigzbe app to the exchange in order to then use their exchange features. This will allow you to exchange Wollo for range of digital and regular currencies.

2/ Get a Wirex Visa card

If you live in Europe you can create an account with Wirex and then transfer Wollo™ to your Wirex wallet in order spend Wollo using with a Wirex Visa card, anywhere in Europe.

We plan to launch a Pigzbe branded family card in 2020 which will integrate directly with the Pigzbe app.

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