To send Wollo to another person or exchange you simply need to visit the transfer section of the app using the two arrows in the bottom navigation bar. 

By default you will be in the ‘Send’ section of the app.

1/ Enter or scan the public key of the wallet you wish to send your Wollo to 

Note: this must be a Pigzbe or Wollo wallet otherwise the transfer will fail. You can also send Wollo to any Stellar wallet, as long as it has established a trustline to Wollo.

2/ Enter the amount you would like to send

3/ Enter a Memo if required.

Note: if you are sending Wollo to a Pigbze or Wollo wallet you do not need to enter a memo. Please note if you are sending Wollo to a third-party exchange, many of these have specific requirements for incoming transfers. If you are sending tokens to a third-party exchange please check with them for information on the required memo content. If your transfer doesn’t meet your recipient’s requirements, your funds could be lost. 

4/ Finally check the details of your transfer and confirm if you are happy to proceed.

It is always advisable to send a small amount of Wollo first to make sure it is successfully received by the recipient before any larger amounts are sent.

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