If you are based in the U.K. you can connect your U.K. bank account to the Pigzbe app in order to easily buy Wollo with British Pounds (GBP) and exchange it back again.

First click on the Wallet icon in the bottom navigation bar and select ‘Buy WLO’ from either the Wollo Wallet OR GBP Wallet. 

You will first be asked to enter the account number and sort code of the bank you would like to connect. 

After doing this you will be shown transfer details for the Pigzbe account. 

Go to your own banking app/website and make a transfer (no more than £500) using the supplied details. The GBP will then appear in the GBP Wallet which you can use to buy Wollo.

One you have set this up it will be easy to move GBP back and forth between the Pigzbe app and your bank account.

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