There are two main ways to buy Wollo.

In the Pigzbe app: 

UK residents will be able to easily buy Wollo with GBP through the Pigzbe App by connecting their bank account. And exchange Wollo back into GBP the same way.

This can be done by clicking on the Wallet icon in the bottom navigation bar and selecting ‘Buy WLO’. 

Follow the in app instructions to connect your bank account to the Pigzbe app and transfer GBP into the app, which you can use to then purchase Wollo (only available in the U.K.)

Through an exchange

Outside of the UK you’ll need to head over to one of our exchange partners – Wirex, Bitfinex, Liquid, StellarX and the Stellar Decentralized Exchange and buy Wollo directly in a range of regular and digital currencies.

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