Wollo (WLO) is a digital currency with a real world value. It gives kids a safe and secure route into 21st-century money.

Wollo also powers Pigzbe. So when you send your child pocket money, rather than as pounds, dollars or yen it gets converted into Wollo, our friendly piggy penny. And this is what they interact and play with inside the Pigzbe app.

Wollo is just like everyday money. You can convert small amounts of your local currency into Wollo directly within Pigbze app (U.K. only for now) and when your kids want to spend their Wollo you simply use our app to exchange this back into your local currency (U.K. only for now).

Outside of the U.K. you’ll need to head over to one of our exchange partners – Wirex, Bitfinex, Liquid, StellarX and the Stellar Decentralized Exchange – to exchange Wollo for range of digital and regular currencies.

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