Within the parents app, select the child for whom you wish to create a task.

On the child's home screen scroll down the to the tasks section and hit the "Add a new task" button.

Then follow the steps. 

  • Select one of our pre-set tasks, or create your own. 
  • Then decide how much that task is worth in Wollo, the digital currency that Pigzbe runs on. 
  • Decide if you wish to check that your child has completed the task before their reward is paid by selecting "require approval". 
  • After that, hit confirm and the task notification is sent to your child’s app and – if they have one – their Pigzbe Piggy Wallet™. 
  • If you selected "Require approval" the task will be waiting for you to approve in the parents home screen. Once approved your child will receive the reward originally set for the task.

You can create as many tasks as you want for your child to do.

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