Along with pocket money and one-off gifts, Pigzbe lets you set tasks for your children to do in and around the house. 

When you create a task you also create a reward that your child will receive when completing a specific task or chore. 30p for washing the dishes, say, or 20p for tidying their room.

From dirty dishes to walking the dog, you can choose between pre-set tasks or create your own. 

Then, decide how much you think the chore is worth (5 Wollo, 50 Wollo, 500 Wollo...) and send it. 

Your child gets buzzed on their Pigzbe Piggy Wallet™, if they have one, and in through the child's app to let them know that there is a chore waiting for them. 

Once they’ve completed their task, they collect their reward in the Pigzbe app. 

Many experts argue that linking chores directly to pocket money reinforces good behaviour. Learn more about the 3 main ways parents do pocket money.

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