Login to the Pigzbe app as a parent. 

On your home screen scroll to the kids wallet section and click on the + symbol to create a child account. You will need to:

  • Enter your child’s first name
  • Enter your child’s date of birth

We ask for your child's name and date of birth so we can personalize their experience. We will never share your child's data with anyone else – we will only use this information to improve our product and service.

Once completed you will see your child’s home screen from where you can:

  • Set a task and a reward 
  • Send your child pocket money, either weekly or monthly
  • Send your child a one off gift
  • Pair a Pigzbe Piggy Wallet (our digital piggy bank)

You will also be able to see your child’s transaction history and a list of all tasks, regular pocket money allowances and one off gifts that you have created for your child.

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