Pigzbe is a company dedicated to helping children learn the financial skills they need to thrive in a digital future. We’re a team of designers, thinkers, educators and parents on a mission to help kids become the money maestros of tomorrow.

The Pigzbe concept has been in development since 2015 and was incorporated as a business in January 2018. 

Two of our founders, Filippo Yacob and Jon Marshall, have been involved in the development and delivery of an award-winning portfolio of ed-tech and consumer electronics products for families and children. Filippo is the Founder of Primo and created the Cubetto Playset. Jon was part of the team that designed the Kano Computer, the SAM Labs IOT system and more. As an aggregate, the team has shipped millions of products across 180+countries, covering almost the entire planet.

We also draw from years of experience working on projects for companies like Apple,Google, NASA, Nokia, Honda, IBM, B&W, Yamaha, VEON, Bloomberg and more.
We’re an exceptionally strong team with a proven execution track record.

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