Pigzbe Piggy Wallet™

Pigzbe is made of ABS plastic, it's the same material used to make Lego bricks and it widely used for toys and kids products. ABS is stable, does not leach or emit any gases or chemicals and it is BPA free. 

We’re concerned about plastic use and care deeply about sustainability. Thats why we’ve made the Pigzbe device as small as possible to keep material use and the carbon footprint of shipping the device as small as possible. We're using 26 grams of plastic for our device which we expect to last for many years. That is the same amount of plastic as a 500 ml single use coke bottle.

We comply with RoHS, a directive that restricts the use of hazardous substances found in electronic products. In addition we’ve certified to CA65 which is a strict California law that protects drinking water from toxic substances as well as REACH which is a European regulation that prevents the use of dangerous chemical substances.

We also comply with the WEEE directive which prevents electronic waste.

The Pigzbe App & Wollo

Wollo is a Stellar-based token, which offers significant environmental advantages. When compared to the vast majority of other blockchain platforms, Stellar’s architecture is greener and less energy intensive. This is partly because, unlike Bitcoin, Stellar doesn’t use a mining function. 

CO2 per transaction:

Stellar produces 0.000015kg of C02 per transaction, while Bitcoin produces 310kg and VISA produces 0.00083kg. 

Energy per transaction:

Stellar uses 0.03 Wh per transaction, while Visa uses 1.69 Wh, and Bitcoin uses an astonishing 634,000 Wh per transaction. 

Source: https://www.enterprisetimes.co.uk/2018/04/13/poseidon-with-stellar-blockchain-to-reduce-carbon-footprint/

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