Yes. We created the Pigzbe app to help children ages 6+ learn the value of money and good money habits, with a focus on earning, saving, spending and budgeting in a digital world. By developing a child’s financial literacy at an early age, we hope Pigzbe will help them grow up to be financially independent and confident adults. 

Pigzbe helps children develop positive money habits through: 

Building routine - Children learn through good routines. With Pigzbe it’s easy for you to set up recurring weekly or monthly allowances, and send daily tasks or chores directly from your phone to your child.  

With Pigzbe, children get into the habit of checking their balance, collecting their earnings, completing chores and tasks, thinking about saving and budgeting, and broadly making money part of their everyday lives. 

Creating conversation - In our experience, families tend to steer clear of talking about money at home. But an open conversation about money can help remove taboo, making finance less intimidating and even exciting. 

Pigzbe is designed to help create a healthy and ongoing dialogue between you and your children about money: from where it comes from and how it can be used, to questions about saving, spending, earning, credit, mortgages, bursaries and tax. 

Visualisation & hands-on learning - While cash provided a great hands-on route into finance, digital money is abstract and can be difficult to conceptualise. We designed Pigzbe to help children get to grips with money in a digital world. The Pigzbe Piggy Wallet™ lets kids hold their digital pocket money in their hands. The money tree in the child’s app, helps children visualise and play with their incomings and outgoings in a way that’s intuitive and fun.

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