The Pigzbe app makes pocket money easy for parents and fun for kids.

Features for parents:

Our app makes learning about money easy, safe and fun. 

1) Pocket money, allowances & gifts

Simple to use – set up weekly allowances or send one-off gifts – all from the app.

2) Chores and tasks

Helping hands – reward your kids for completing household chores or homework.

3) Create a family network*

Everyone's invited – share the fun and build your Pigzbe network with family and friends.

4) Parent dashboard

You're in control – parent dashboard lets you track progress and manage the network.

Features for kids:

Have fun while you learn with our amazing app.

1) A world of adventure

Explore your world – Fly through the app on your pocket money adventure!

2) Makes learning fun

Earn and learn – turn household chores into pocket money – makes work fun!

3) See the money tree

Grow your tree – keep earning and watch the money tree grow!

4) Savings goals

Reach your goals – earn rewards and save up for all the stuff you want...

5) Collectables*

Unlock the fun – The more you earn, the more games and features you can enjoy.

*Features coming late 2019

Learn more about the Pigzbe app and download it from Google Play or the App Store.

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