The Pigzbe Piggy Wallet is your kids' pocket money assistant. It lets kids touch their digital pocket money and helps them master money in a digital world without notes and coins.

Pigzbe Piggy Wallet features

1/ Instant balance check

Shake to check – just shake the Piggy Wallet™ to instantly check the balance. 

2) Real-time notifications

Instant updates – get buzzed with new tasks and allowances, and send gifts – all in real-time.

3) Currency conversion

Convert to currency – easily turn your money into pounds, dollars, Bitcoin, Wollo® and more...

4) Carry tail and magnets

Made for home  – Piggy Wallet™ sticks to your fridge or hangs from its carry tail.

 5) Light, sound, movement

Interactive fun – learn through play, with cues from lights, sound and movement.

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